Nigeria should focus on youth development ― Gbagi

Nigeria should focus on youth development ― Gbagi
ASABA- FORMER Minister of State for Education, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, has suggested that Nigeria should reprioritize and focus on development of the youth.
Gbagi, in his Independence message, said,  “My position as we celebrate the 59th birthday of Nigeria is that our focus should be on the youth. These young Nigerians need to see Nigeria with the eye we saw it.”
Recalling his emotions on Independence Day when he passed the Abuja city gate with photographs of previous and present rulers,  the entrepreneur asserted, “In the car with me were two young Nigerians in their 20s, who seem not to understand my excitement, they have no knowledge of Nigeria I used to know.”
“Not so long time ago, there was a Nigeria filled with dreams, hope and pride at being called a Nigerian. These photographs at our city gate filled me with the reflection of time our love for country was pure and our dreams beautiful. I was in awe but I was in it alone as those with me could not fathom.
“My position is that this love displayed on the street of Abuja to mark the 59th independence should not be cosmetic , but deliberately coupled together in such a demonstration of love for a country that is yearning and crying for development, upliftment and greatness , which is what is needed uppermost in our lives as a people.

“That the vibrancy and enthusiasm of our young be harnessed together and used as the horseback with which we ride into the future”, he said.

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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