Focus on improving primary healthcare, Ohuabunwa tells Ehanire

The President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has urged the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire to focus on improving the status of primary healthcare in the country in order to make a significant difference in the fortunes of the nation’s healthcare industry.

Ohuabunwa who was responding to questions on setting agenda for the apex health ministry said once primary health care was on sound footing, the rest would follow. “

“Most of our problems including the terrible health statistics that we have is from primary health care, whether maternal, maternity, under-5 mortality, vaccine-preventable illnesses, and what have you, they are all primary health.

“So the Minister most do whatever he needs to do to make sure that our primary health care is up to speed. If he gets that well, every other thing in Nigeria will do better in healthcare.

“If he promotes primary healthcare and maybe get one or two of our tertiary health institutions to international standard, we can stem this embarrassing health tourism.

“It is embarrassing that we can’t treat our president, we can’t treat anybody. It is embarrassing.

Further, the PSN president said: “Our agenda for the Minister of Health is that he should understand and have a more strategic view of his job which is the well being of Nigerians.

He should start by having a strategic view, then ensure that the health care team is working as a team, like in a relay team – one person runs one leg and hands over to the next. The team must work that way.

Every division in the team should be taken out and that would bring unity,” he remarked.

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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