Setting agenda for grassroots development

Setting agenda for grassroots development

Kwali Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja is notable for agriculture and pottery making which also elevated an indigene of the area, the late Ladi Kwali to global recognition.

Today, the biggest conference hall at the prestigious Abuja Sheraton Hotel is named after this illustrious daughter of Kwali.

Other prominent sons and daughters of the area are making their people proud of their service and commitment to the accelerated development of the communities.

One of them is Danladi Chiya, who is currently in the Executive Chairman of Kwali Area Council.

Since being elected three months ago to run the affairs of the council  he has been working for the electorate.

In doing this he undertook a holistic appraisal of the socio-economic needs of his people and is now making sure that his administration is addressing those needs.

For instance, one area he has addressed since May 20, 2019, when he assumed office is human capital development as it is key to the successful implementation of the other programmes.

Already, he is boosting the morale of workers of the area council with prompt payment of salaries and allowances as well as improving their working conditions.

As an administrator of note, Honourable Chiya has embarked on the construction and rehabilitation of road networks, bridges, and agricultural routes to enable farmers evacuate their agricultural products to the markets.

Today, the various markets in the council and neighbouring communities are booming based as a result of the economic activities created by his administration.

Similarly, the administration is in the process of providing other incentives to farmers with the purchase of 15,000 tonnes of fertilisers.

In the area of job creation, the chairman has within 100 days in office facilitated and secured about 50 jobs for the indigenes of in some federal and state government agencies. He has in a bid to reduce poverty, donated 40 motorcycles, 15 sewing machines and some wheelchairs to his people.

The Chiya administration is paying adequate attention to sports development with the relentless support being given to youths to excel in various sports competitions.

In his determination for accelerated rural development, Chiya has commenced the rehabilitation of some rural roads not only to make them more accessible for the easy evacuation of agricultural products to the major cities but improve the lives of the rural dwellers. Such roads include the Bonugo- Koroko Road, Kwali Market-Ace Microfinance Bank Road, Area Council Secretariat Ring Road, and the Gumbo Bridge. He has also renovated the Kwali Divisional Police station and equipped the facility to enable the personnel function optimally.

Nigerians are seeing a local government that is delivering on the mandate given by the electorate. It is indeed a sign that we may be finally getting it right at the grassroots.

Perhaps with the recent ceding of financial autonomy to the local governments by the Buhari administration, development at the grassroots will increase astronomically, thereby offering the inhabitants a more fulfilling life.

Even though some people consider this gesture by the Buhari administration as tokenism in the whole gamut of the clamour for restructuring in the country, it will relieve this critical part of the three tiers of government of the burdens they have been faced with.

In this instance, Kwali Area Council is a typical example of where local government administration is working for the people, especially the rural dwellers. One of the negative effects of state governments’ control of local government finances is that it alienated the elected officials from their people as they were unable to give an account of their stewardship. Having assumed some control, the local governments in Nigeria will have no choice but to deliver.

*Enekwechi is an Abuja based  public affairs analyst.

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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