Buhari frowns at politicization of national security issues

Buhari frowns at politicization of national security issues

President Muhammadu Buhari has decried what he calls the “undue politicization” of the security situation in the country.

The president made his feelings known when he received promoters of the proposed African

Security Leadership Summit at State House, Abuja, on Tuesday.

The President maintained that no matter how much the revisionists try to distort history,

“the records show where we were in terms of security in 2015, where we are now, and we also know

where we want to be.”


According to him, the relative successes of the administration since 2015 are clear, and what

remains in areas of security are also clear, despite the politicization.

He lauded the plan to convene a high-powered security summit that would bring together some

of the leaders on the continent, defense attaches, embassies and High Commissions,

the leadership of the defense community in the country, and many others.

Speaking directly to the chairman of the security summit initiative,

retired Maj.-Gen. Abdullahi Bagudu-Mamman, President Buhari said: “I am glad that

you are well experienced, and know the implications of this high-powered conference.

It will be a great test for you and members of your committee.

“You will be dealing with professionals in security, defense, and diplomacy.

We will do our best to support you.’’

In his remark, Bagudu-Mamman, a traditional ruler, who led the team, under the auspices

of Global Initiative for Leadership Success (GILS), lauded the Buhari administration for

its efforts to stabilize the country.

“We share in the conviction of the administration to address the problems of the country.

At assumption of office in 2015, parts of the country had been acquired by Boko Haram insurgents.

“Your seriousness and committed efforts have made us to now be able to worship in peace.

Boko Haram has been truly degraded, and other forms of criminalities are being addressed,” he said.

Bagudu-Mamman added that the summit, tentatively fixed for October, would involve “the entire security architecture in Nigeria, and it will be under the theme, Sustaining the Security Renaissance of Nigeria.”

According to him, the event will also feature honors and awards for those who have excelled

in the area of security, “because we need to reward the commitment of our heroes.

“An endowment fund will also be launched to cater for families of those who

paid the supreme price, and to care for those permanently maimed.”

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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