Oyo Assembly won’t be rubber stamp of executive

Oyo Assembly won’t be rubber stamp of executive

The lawmaker, representing Ibarapa Central and North Constituency, while speaking with Vanguard on Monday noted that boosting investment in the state would make life meaningful for the people and ultimately place the state on a pedestal of growth and development.

He disclosed that the assembly would not relent on its statutory duty of lawmaking as the legislative arm of government, assuring the people of the state of a robust and vibrant 9th Oyo State House of Assembly with integrity as the watchword.

Responding to question on the possibility of becoming rubber stamp in the hands of the governor, Mr Ojedokun maintained that the present assembly is brimming with intelligent and competent members who are poised to scrutinise all bills brought before them as well as act as checks to other arms of government.

“We will not just be doing the bidding of the state government as representatives of our various constituencies, we shall ensure whatever is brought from the executive arm is well scrutinised before we give our assent.”

“The Oyo Assembly members and the speaker are going to ensure a harmonious working relationship with all other arms to ensure good governance and viable representation in the state,” he added.

The lawmaker promised that the Oyo Assembly would give priority to bills that would promote education, agriculture, security, small and medium scale enterprises as well as youth empowerment.

While speaking on the 2019 budget that was reviewed downward by the Oyo Assembly, Ojodokun revealed that the budget which was presented by the 8th assembly was an unrealistic budget which he said, could not fulfil the government’s mandate of providing socio-economic development for the state.

“There was the need for the review of the 2019 budget because the 8th assembly just presented a mare paper which was far from the truth. It was an unrealistic budget.”

“You know the purpose of a budget is the estimate of revenue and expenditure of the government, but what we saw in the budget was that the 8th assembly just put anything they wanted down, which cannot fulfil the people of government’s expectations.”

“This reason has made it mandatory for the 9th Oyo Assembly to review the budget downward to be realistic,” he added.

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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