One Woman Is Murdered Every 3 Hours In South Africa’ – Report

The high rate of violence against women has seen many protesters entering the arena for the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town to protest.

The protest was birthed following the recent murder of 19-year-old Unive

The killing of Mrwetyana, who was raped and bludgeoned to death at a
post office in an upmarket suburb of Cape Town, followed the murder of
champion boxer Leighandre Jegels, 25, who was allegedly shot by an
ex-boyfriend who had a restraining order against him.

Before that, there was Meghan Cremer, an avid horse rider who was
allegedly killed by three men as she left her farm outside of Cape Town.

Protetser carried different placards, including one that simply said: “Stop Killing Us.”

Author: NZE Ihunanya

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